Kingston CCG

Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

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Sunray Surgery is part of the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), established in response to changes that Government has made to the way in which the NHS operates. Please see the information below to find about a bit more about the CCG and what you can do to get involved; 

The Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group is made up of the 28 GP practices in Kingston working alongside health practitioners from nursing, pharmacy and secondary care. We have come together to put patients first and improve health services in the borough.

We were formed to test out a new way of managing health service budgets.  Since April 2011 we've had delegated responsibility for planning and allocating most of the funding for hospital, community and mental health services in Kingston.

We want local people to feel heard, listened to and cared for, and we believe that by using our clinical knowledge and close working relationships with patients, we can make a difference.

We are currently working towards becoming an authorised clinical commissioning group.

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Kingston CCG Mission & Values

Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (KCCG) is responsible for commissioning health services for people living in Kingston and in the surrounding area who are registered with a Kingston GP.

We are passionate about your health, compassionate about your care

Our task is to:

  • help you stay as healthy as possible
  • support you in looking after yourself when you are well and when you are not
  • make sure the right services are available if you become unwell, and for those services to be safe, effective and provide the good experience you deserve
  • listen to you, involve you and be influenced by you
  • work with you to continuously improve:

       o  the health and wellbeing of people in Kingston

       o  the support that’s  available to help people look after themselves

       o  the quality of local health services

  • work with you to reduce inequalities in health across Kingston
  • become recognised and respected as the leader of the health care system in Kingston

We value:

  • healthier lives for people in Kingston
  • getting the best possible health improvement and health care for people in Kingston
  • health services for local people, shaped by local people
  • you being able to say, I’m heard, I’m healthier, I’m cared for

We plan to achieve this by:

  • targeting the causes of ill health and premature death
  • improving the quality, safety and responsiveness of services
  • ensuring good quality health services are available and accessible in a timely way

We will measure how well we do by:

  • your feedback on the services you use
  • the improvement in health and life expectancy across Kingston
  • the reduction in the health gap between affluent and more disadvantaged areas and people